In an age which seems to be moving faster and faster, it has become difficult for people, especially young people, to stop and take valuable moments of reflection. Our anxieties can rack our productivity and emotional stability causing us even more trouble than we thought. Even in an time filled with such ease of access to sources of information on self-help and meditation it can be difficult to find a practice that is easy to connect with.

Yael Shy offers meditation as something more than just method and philosophy in her new book What Now? Meditation For Your Twenties and Beyond (Parallax Press, 2017). Never arrogant or prideful in her practice or way, deeply humble about her experience, and filled with passion, Yael Shy has a way to help you understand more deeply the life that you are living.

To my mind, Yael shows people how to take the emotions that are in them and use them as a source of inspiration and power. What Now? takes the insecurities and sufferings of day-to-day life and provides a positive and supportive viewpoint to self-analysis that I think could help anyone.

Listen to the podcast here.