When it’s basically your job to be Zen all the time—as is the case with the instructors at MNDFL, a new meditation studio in New York City—you pick up a few tricks that help you keep stress at bay (or at least not flip out when life’s little tensions creep up on you). Since our morning routines usually involve hitting snooze, reaching for our phones to check e-mail, and rushing out the door in a frenzy—not exactly a great way to start the day on a calm, collected note—we asked several of the teachers at MNDFL to let us in on what they do each a.m. to set the tone for a more mindful, relaxed state. Let their tips inspire you to have a more peaceful holiday season this year.

“Before I get out of bed, I take a minute and put one hand on my heart and another on my belly. Rather than rushing into to-do lists or e-mails or social media, I just feel the aliveness underneath my palms. I sense the gentle rising and fall of my breath, the rhythm of my heartbeat. It’s a simple way to feel gratitude for being alive and to start the day with stillness and peace.” —Yael Shy

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Originally published on November 30, 2015 in Women's Health Magazine by Robin Hilmantel